Sustainable 3D Printing & Recycling

We are an Educational Sustainable 3D Printing & Plastic Recycling Centre and working to set-up a Mobile 3D Printing and Recycling Service throughout North Wales.

Our goal is to provide educational sustainable workshops and services throughout North Wales, and to provide a 3D printing Centre in Rhyl for the benefit of the community and businesses.

Our Plan for Sustainable 3D Printing & Recycling Projects

We are currently working to a 4 Phase Plan for our projects – we have some fun ideas for the future!. Our centre will give access to Schools, Communities and Businesses, and we want to create a ‘Precious Plastic Hackspace’ for people to come and meet, learn, socialise, and collaborate on projects.

  • Phase 1Create a Sustainable 3D Printing Centre. Provide courses, workshops and services for 3D Printing and teach how to do it responsibly to reduce plastic waste.
  • Phase 2Plastic Recycling Education Centre. Provide workshops, machines and tools to teach learners how to recycle and re-use precious plastics. We are working with local Schools, Communities & Businesses as part of our Better Life Project.
  • Phase 3Produce Recycled Plastic Products. We are hard at work collecting a range of discarded plastics and creating collection schemes. These precious plastics will be used to create a range of useful products and to be turned into 3D Printing Filament.
  • Phase 4Go Mobile. Take our equipment and services throughout North Wales, letting us collect plastic, and allowing communities to use the recycling machines and our 3D Printers.

Plastic Recycling Project Phases

Inspire 3D Makers at our 3D Printing Centre

Our 3D Printing Workshops are ideal for all ages and abilities, learn to design and print your very own 3D model. We want to inspire a new generation of makers to become active leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM).

3D Printing services helps focus on promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics (STEAM), giving the skills to prepare for the future. 3D printing can be used for all sorts of things, such as in Aerospace, Art, Designing a Prototype, Engineering, Hobbies, Home, Product Design, Primary, Secondary Education and so much more.

Using a range of free software, materials and plans, owning and operating your very own 3D Printer can be not only affordable, but good for helping to clean up local communities and the environment, we can teach you how to set-up your own plastic recycling workshop.

3D Printing

Explore and develop an interest in 3D Printing.

Our 3D Printing Workshops are ideal for all ages and abilities, great for encouraging team work.

Learn how to use simple design software to create and print your very own 3D model which you can take away.

Register below to come and spend time in our 3D Printing Centre in Rhyl and to find out about our mobile 3D printing workshops.

Anet A8 3D Printer

Join us for the complete 3D Printing Experience. Our Courses and Workshops will teach you everything you need to get up and running.

We provide workshops to build your very own 3D Printer to take away, teach you how to use it and print off your very own 3D models.

Our workshops are perfect for your first steps into 3D printing in a fun and affordable way. Register below to get notified first for availability.


We want to produce our own 3D Printing Filament and print with ECO friendly biodegradable materials.

Our Workshops will help students understand the importance of recycling plastics and encourage them to recycle.

We will regularly collect discarded plastics, and will set-up a reward programme to encourage everyone to help collect and recycle plastics.

Some Practical Uses for 3D Printing

3D Printed CogYou can create almost everything from smartphone cases to paper towel holders, prototypes for your business, reduce household expenses while adding personal customised touches to your home. You can print practically any household objects including storage containers, shower curtain rings, a new shower head and safety razors.

Creating 3D objects on demand requires no additional machines or special tools, create as many items as you desire with minimal effort. Making things rather than buying them reduces transportation and fuel, a 3D Printer can pay for itself by printing things you would ordinarily buy.

Attend our complete 3D printing experience workshop, where you will build a 3D Printer to take home with you, and we will teach you how to print your own 3D components to make it even better!

Bonsai Planter
Bonsai Planter
Headphone Holder
Headphone Holder
Cable Holders
Cable Holders
Vortex Shower Head
Vortex Shower Head

3D Printing is Great for Education

Using 3D printers can add a new dimension to learning that really engages, making education fun and interesting, we want to inspire a new generation of young makers. Our 3D Workshops are fun, creative, and give our students the skills to prepare for the future, expect to see the UK Space Agency 3D Printing parts for space stations and Doctors printing limbs for surgery.

Why not 3D Print some educational materials for School, such as topographic maps, atoms, planets, puzzles or tools, creating 3D objects is not only fun, it’s educational.

Design Your 3D Print
3D Print

The aerospace 3D printing market is projected to reach £2319.11 million by 2022, at a compound annual growth rate of 27.42% during the forecast period, 2017 to 2022. – Research and Markets

More about our Sustainable 3D Printing & Plastic Recycling

Plastic Waste
Estimated only a third of plastic is recycled in the UK.
While we are ambassadors of innovation and technology, we want to provide it in a way that’s good for our planet. We are always looking for ways to become more sustainable, encourage plastic recycling, reduce waste and be better to our environment.

We want to use a plastic extrusion machine to produce our own 3D printing filament from collected recyclable materials, not only is discarded plastic a free resource for everyone, it’s great for helping clean-up local communities and the environment! The best bit is – anyone can make their own plastic workshop, all the plans we use are freely available.

Our 3D Printers use recycled or biodegradable materials, such as PLA print filament, PLA products biodegrade within 3-6 months in a composting system. PLA is produced from food material, which means it’s also friendly to the environment.

Find out more – Why Sustainable 3D Printing?

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