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We provide 3D Printing Education, Services & Workshops throughout North Wales, our Sustainable 3D Printer Centre is based in Rhyl


We provide 3D printing services and workshops from our Sustainable 3D Printing Centre in Rhyl and throughout North Wales, solutions tailored to you and your objectives. Find out about just some of the things we can provide below, give us a call on 01745 350765 or contact us for further information.


We deliver fun and engaging workshops to help educate about 3D Printing and Sustainability. 3D Printing creates new learning possibilities, where you can see designs come to life. It’s interactive and hands on, the possibilities of what can be created are endless. It promotes critical thinking, creativity and problem solving, and will inspire the next generation of engineers, architects and designers.

What can 3D Printing be used for in the classroom? Print interactive geographical maps, skeletal models like dinosaurs and the human body, planets, historical structures, robots, models to decorate and paint – there are so many choices, check out the thousands of free models and hundreds of lesson plans on thingiverse.com/education.

We can provide workshops tailored to you, your objectives, curriculum and outcomes – just let us know what you would like to cover.

Inspiring a New Generation of 3D Makers


Explore and develop an interest in the exciting technology of 3D Printing, learn about 3D Printers, the materials, how to design and print your very own models.

Discover how to create and turn designs into physical objects with easy to use design software, print prototypes, tools, jewellery, practical items, decorative items, production parts, medical and architectural components – the uses of 3D Printing are endless and only limited by the imagination.

Our 3D Printing Workshops are ideal for all ages and abilities, great for encouraging team work. Learn how to use simple design software to create and print your very own 3D model which you can take away.

3D Printing Workshops Ideal for all Ages & Abilities


Product. We provide 3D Print Services, if you have something you would like 3D printed you can contact us for a quote, our 3D Print Centre is available for small batch runs.

Design. We can help you to realise your dreams, we provide design services to help bring your product to life. Once you have your final prototype, you can take your digitally designed product to manufacture.

Prototypes. 3D Printing enables you to rapidly build and test innovative concepts, design, print, test and refine your products until you have a prototype you are happy with.

We have 3D Printed all sorts of things, such as tooling components, production parts, historical buildings, parts of Wales geography, miniatures, buildings, robots, toys and games to name a few.

3D Printing Enables You to Rapidly Test Innovative Concepts


Our goal is to create a truly diverse and inclusive hackspace for the community, bring people together to share off-the-wall ideas that lead to collaboration and innovation, providing a maker space with access to our equipment and experience.

We are working towards creating a community run hackspace in Rhyl where like-minded makers, hackers, inventors and entrepreneurs can come to share tools and knowledge. We want to support this with our sustainable 3D printing facilities to provide prototyping equipment, support and knowledge from our experienced staff.

Want to get involved? We need volunteers to help drive the hackspace, and we need YOU to come and take part, contact us & register below to get involved.

Bringing Amazing People, Ideas & Projects Together


Take your ideas to the next level, come and use a range of our 3D Printing Pen’s and turn your creativity into reality, draw a 3D object from the ground up with ease and precision.

Why not try your hand at using the 3D Printing Pen to work on customising a 3D printed model, use a range of different colours, use the pen to bring your prototype, jewellery, model to life –
they’re great for making some wonderful creative designs.

A 3D printing pen is like a small hand-held 3D printer. The only difference is that instead of using a computer software to print the three-dimensional object, you will be guiding the printer head by hand in a 3D printing pen.

3D Print Your Design, Draw & Decorate

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