3D Printing Pens – Get Creative

Take your ideas to the next level with our 3D Printing Pens which is also a mobile service, turn your creativity into reality and draw a 3D object from the ground up with ease and precision. We can tailor workshops to your requirements & outcomes, 3D Print models at our centre before you arrive which can be coloured, decorated, evolved and developed.
3D Print Pen

What to Expect – Creative Workshop

The 3D Printing Pens are a handheld version of a 3D Printer, they let you draw with plastic in the air, students get to try new and exciting technology, and give it their own personal handmade touch.

Everything is included in the price, we supply all the pens, materials, resources, models, snacks and drinks – why not join us and get creative and make some 3D jewellery, sculptors, name plates – the possibilities are endless!

We can provide workshops tailored to your objectives or deliver them just for fun! Create a 3D object from scratch or have a model to decorate and combine it with our LEGO Animation to really bring it to life.

Price can vary depending if 3D Printed models need to be produced prior to the 3D creative workshop and if travel is involved.

Teaching Collaboration while Having Fun!

Mini Globe
We have a range of lessons we can use in our 3D Creative workshops to encourage teamwork and education while learning new technologies i.e. teaching geography by supplying students with an outline of a country and their flag to draw in 3D, then have them work together to place them where they think they are in the world. Why not practice engineering by designing and drawing 3D building pieces of a bridge, bringing students together to assemble and we will run some tests to see how sturdy it really is.

Give us a call on 01745 350765 if you would like to discuss our range of lessons or if you have an idea you would like us to deliver.

Rebuild & Relive Wales’s History

3D Knight
We can provide a range of historical 3D Prints in a variety of base colours. Set your students a range of tasks to achieve on the models using our 3D Printing Pens – teach them history in new fun and engaging ways.

Let us know what you would like to achieve, and we will prepare the workshop tailored to your specifications and produce all the materials and resources to be used on the day.

Below is a 3D design of Conwy Castle – cadw.gov.wales/daysout/conwycastle

3D Conwy Castle

Pre-Book or Request a Quote

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