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Introduction to 3D Printing Workshop

Join us for an Introduction to 3D Printing Workshop at our Learning Centre in Rhyl, ideal for students of all ages and abilities. This workshop is a great introduction if you are thinking about getting into 3D Printing and will cover all the basics, no prior 3D printing experience necessary. Workshop is limited to a maximum of 10 people.
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What to Expect – 2 Hour Workshop

The introduction to 3D Printing Workshop covers all the basics, materials, design, printers, tools and resources to create your own projects, here’s a breakdown of how the workshop will run.


Introduction to 3D Printing

We’ll cover all the basics of what 3D printing is, why it gets so much attention, what you can use it for and what it’s potential could be.


3D Printing Materials

Learn about sustainable 3D Printing, the different types of filaments and how to print with eco-friendly biodegradable materials.


3D Printers

3D Printers vary wildly in the features they offer and the amount they cost, we’ll discuss a range of affordable printers that you could use to get started.


Break – Questions & Answers

Take a quick break to digest what you’ve learnt so far, grab a drink and chat with our experienced tutors.


Design & Software

Overview of design and 3D Printing software available, which will allow you to be able to make and print your very own 3D models.


Tools & Resources

Discover a range of free software, online resources, materials and plans that we recommend helping get you started with 3D printing from home.


Final Summary, Questions & Answers

We’ll quickly re-visit the important bits from the workshop, field any questions you might have or help provide you with any further information you require.

Pre-Booking Reservation

Register below if you would like to attend this workshop and let us know your availability, we run workshops by popular demand, we will notify you as soon as a workshop becomes available.

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