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Bee and Station Business Centre

G2G Communities is a Community Interest Company (CIC) focused on getting those individuals furthest away from the job market back into employment, starting their own business and supporting innovation within existing businesses in North Wales.

G2G also has a Family Learning Programme it delivers in Schools, Libraries and Community venues across North Wales.

Jane HuttIn 2012 G2G moved to a new location at the Bee and Station Business Centre and opened two new learning centers the LEGO Education Innovation Studio and the North Wales Innovation Centre. All profits are re-invested into community projects/businesses, assisting people back into employment, supporting new business start-ups and developing a range of new programmes and resources. G2G supports a wide range of individuals including: unemployed people; those not in education, employment or training (NEETs); short and long-term unemployed; women returners; single parents; carers; people with disabilities and other disadvantaged or minority groups. We also deliver LEGO Education to Schools, Libraries, and Communities First venues throughout North Wales.

Minister Ken SkatesG2G Communities CIC also offers a range of support, programmes and training to corporate organisations including leadership, management, team building, problem solving and other bespoke solutions.

G2G Communities CIC is passionate about both the environment and education/training. G2G has developed a unique style of teaching and learning using environmental projects that have real benefit the local community and integrating education and skills such as biodiversity; team working; motivational skills; project design and planning; essential skills (problem solving, ICT, communication, numeracy) and much more.

Minister Huw LewisG2G is already building a reputation for quality support and we are extending the range of its curriculum offer each week by working closely with partners within across North Wales. G2G Communities CIC now has four drop-in learning centers based at the Bee and Station Business Centre. G2G is a British Computer Society Centre and offers a full range of BCS courses including ECDL courses and exams. G2G has access to over 2,800 certificated Open College Credits via Agored Cymru, 600 online courses via learndirect, is a registered Qualsafe center for the delivery of First Aid and other training, a virtual college deliverer and a registered UK on-line center.

Jobcentre New Skills New LifeIt has already been recognised that there will be over 5 million fewer unskilled employment opportunities by the year 2020 and 40% of jobs will require graduate level qualifications. At G2G we focus on the individual to develop their full potential within an ever changing world. We aim to train people to develop the ‘future skills’ required by potential employers such as flexible attitude to work; change management; self-motivation; learning to learn; ICT competence/confidence. Our aim to make people more employable by making learning more enjoyable.

Jobcentre New Skills New LifeWe employ highly skilled and qualified staff that are experts in working with individuals from disadvantaged groups. We also have access to a range of volunteers, support staff and external tutors that we can call upon as and when required. We are working in partnership with a wide range of organisations within across North Wales and have already been successful in winning tenders from the WCVA Gateway, Cyfenter, Job Centre Plus and other national programmes.

LEGO Family LearningThe G2G Family Learning programme has been delivered in Schools, Libraries and Communities First venues throughout North Wales for the past three years. LEGO Education resources are used to develop a range of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematic (STEM) skills in a fun and exciting way. We also have a range of resources to develop Essential Skills such as problem solving, communications, numeracy, literacy etc. G2G can deliver in venues throughout North Wales or at one of its four learning centres.

Home Learning ProgramThe G2G Home Learning/Schooling programme is a recent development offering venues, LEGO and other resources, the opportunity to use any of the four G2G fully equipped learning centres and fully trained staff to families that would rather home school their children. G2G will be developing this provision throughout 2015 but hope the resources will be used to provide a fun environment for parents and children to learn a wide range of skills and subjects.

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