Tim Peake Return Celebration Party

Get together with friends at home or look out for larger events in your area on the 18th of June 2016 and celebrate the return of Astronaut Tim Peake. Dress as Astronauts, eat Space themed food and do Space themed activities, here’s a handy guide to get you started, Inspired by the Principias resource pack.

Looking the Part for Tim Peake Return

First you will need a Space Suit. Astronauts wear a number of different suits for different jobs, find out about the Sokol Space Suit with these handy videos.

Here’s a guide from Destination Space to build your own Space Suit.

You should end up with something a bit like this, the Space Suits used by Apollo 11 Astronauts. Don’t worry if it isn’t exactly the same as you will not be wearing your suit on the Moon.

Adding Mission Patches

Mission Patches have lots of different meanings and make Astronauts feel part of a select team, here are some of Tim Peakes and what they all mean.

Astronauts on the 46th Expedition to the International Space Station
Astronauts on the 47th Expedition to the International Space Station
Astronauts working on the Principia mission
Astronauts travelled on the Soyuz TMA-19M Spacecraft
Astronauts working on the Astro Academy mission

These are just a few, look out for Patches that Astronauts wear and research where they come from and what they mean. Now let’s make your own patch, or use the link below from CBeebies to colour in the Principia patch.

Space Themed Food Ideas

In Space you need to be careful not to eat anything too messy as crumbs would be free to float around and get into machinery or breathed in by Astronauts causing health issues. Food also needs to be pre-packed into a rocket and launched to the ISS. You can use cooking to learn about Space and life on the ISS using resources or make fun food inspired by Space. Get some food ideas at NASAs Spaceplace

Or look at the Great British Space Dinner resources available from STEM UK.

Space Decoration Ideas

Make your party look the part with your own model satellites, rockets and planets to make and colour in to hang around your house, school or event location. Check out these links to get some great suggestions.

Plus many more, visit the Principia website below to get lots more ideas.

Space Themed Activity Ideas

Learn with Space with resources from ESERO and STEM UK, simply make an account and download the resources. These are aimed at 7 – 15 year olds but are suitable for anyone with an interest, simply pick the activities that are suitable for your event and guests. Other resources are available from NASA, ESA and others.

Also look out for events around the UK such as this one at the National Space Centre in Leicester.

We Wish Tim Peake a Safe Journey Back Home


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