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Websites we want to share with you

BBC Bitesize. To Celebrate the launch of Tim Peake the BBC has produced a few resources to promote his mission and time on the ISS, the site looks at life on the international space station and has activities that you can do at home.

Destination Space. Destination Space is a fantastic provider of resources and outreach activities with close ties to the UK Space Agency and European Space Agency, their site also includes activities based on Tim Peakes mission to the International Space Station. They also organise events across the UK visit to find out what is happening near you.

The National Space Academy. Provider of master classes and outreach based at the National Space Centre in Leicester, a good website to find resources and run a youtube channel to showcase experiments.

STEM. A national network of STEM ambassadors and provider of master classes across the UK, their website has a good collection of resources.

ESERO UK. The European Space Education Resource Office provides free resources for teachers of STEM subjects.

NASA Education. NASA have been producing resources for all ages for many years and have a large collection of resources available.

Sally Ride Science. A very good website for resources, Sally Ride Education also produces children’s books with a focus on encouraging girls to study Science.

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