LEGO® Brick Clubs

What is a Brick Club?

LEGO HikingBrick clubs were designed to support children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We have innovated and created our own brick clubs for all ages, used in a wide range of our workshops and family learning to develop skills such as collaboration, communication, problem solving, innovation and symbolic thinking by learning through play.

Learners are encouraged to work together to build a range of LEGO® models, which helps to develop social skills, compromise and build friendships. Brick clubs are provided for groups, or individually, the goal is to provide an engaging and enjoyable experience, learning and developing skills while having fun.

We have delivered LEGO® Brick Clubs for Rail Safety, building Castles for CADW and worked with Anwyl Construction to provide safety workshops throughout North Wales.

Brick Clubs Aims

The goal is to encourage learners to work together with fun and engaging activities. They can have different roles and outcomes, which encourages them to work together and improve social interaction and communication.

Typical roles are The Engineer who has instructions to build a model, they request bricks from The Supplier who supplies bricks on request to The Builder who is given instructions by The Engineer to build the model. Sometimes you’ll also need The Director, who makes sure the team is working well together and communicating.

Why LEGO® Based Therapy for Brick Clubs Was Created

LEGO® is extremely popular and recognised not only as a toy, but used to create art, therefore it provides simple, predictable and repeatable activities. Using LEGO® requires good motor skills and hand strength, using visual and analytical skills.

Most learners love LEGO®, so it’s a simple way to teach essential skills by learning through play. It’s built around existing, effective, risk-free therapies, which helps to build skills and possibly meaningful friendships built around common interests.


LEGO Story Starter

What we provide for the Brick Clubs

We provide professional experienced staff, with all the LEGO®, equipment and services. We work throughout North Wales, but happy to discuss if we can provide Brick Clubs at your location. Our LEGO® brick clubs and workshops are developed for adults, older pupils and children and we use a range of LEGO®, WeDo 1.0, WeDo 2.0, EV3 & NXT Robotics, Story Starter and Coding Resources, with the use of iPads to produce short animated movies.

 Contact us below or call 01745 350765

LEGO® Based Therapy Educators Course

Our one-day course will teach you all the skills and provide you with resources you need to deliver, manage and evaluate LEGO® based therapy.LEGO Based Therapy EducatorsParticipation on the one-day training is enough to enable you to set up and implement a LEGO® based therapy club (Brick Club) in a range of different settings.

LEGO® Based Therapy Workshops

We deliver tailored LEGO® based therapy workshops to all ages, with our experienced staff and provide a range of our LEGO® and digital equipment.
LEGO in Schools
Our LEGO® based therapy workshops can be developed for adults, older pupils and children using LEGO® WeDo 1, WeDo 2, EV3 robotics and coding resources, with the use of LEGO® and iPads to produce animated video’s.

 Contact us about LEGO® Brick Clubs & Workshops

Fill out the form below to e-mail us or call 01745 350765 about our LEGO® brick building clubs, LEGO® based therapy and LEGO® workshops, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note that the LEGO® based therapy educators one day course is limited to 9 places per course, we can accommodate larger groups for our LEGO® based therapy workshops.

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