G2G Communities CIC continues to go from strength to strength

G2G Communities StaffThe photograph shows the new G2G Communities CIC learner support staff taking advantage of the resources during their LEGO® training days and team building sessions.

From left to right: Dafydd Gwynedd: Matt Towler: Nadine Caffrey: Michelle Payne: Sarah Wilkie

G2G Communities CIC moved into its two new learning centres at the Bee and Station Business Centre in July and our new programme of activities will cover the whole of North Wales. The LEGO® Education Innovation Studio and North Wales Innovation Centre is based in the heart of Rhyl Town Centre and will be officially launched on Friday 20 September. However, it is already attracting a great deal of interest individual learners, volunteer/third sector organisations and small start-up businesses through its five WCVA Gateway projects and Cyfenter LEGO® project. The Managing Director of LEGO Education Europe, Rene Lydiksen will be flying in from Holland to officially open the LEGO® Education Innovation Studio.

Chris Ruane MP said: ‘This project is the first community based LEGO® Education Innovation Studio in the UK, it is based in one of the highest areas of deprivation in Wales and is already attracting a great deal of interest even before it is officially launched’. ‘It will be ground-breaking for the UK and will inject an exciting new reason to visit Rhyl Town Centre. G2G Communities has also become the very first occupants of the regenerated Bee and Station Business Centre and now employs ten members of staff, all of which are local people.’ If ever Rhyl had something to be positive and proud of this is it.

Ann Jones AM said: ‘The Welsh Government is pleased that the funding used to regenerate the Bee and Station Business Centre has attracted such an exciting and innovative organisation as G2G Communities CIC’. ‘They have already given a great deal back to the community and I am aware that during 2013/14 they will be exceeding their previous target by re-investing over £80,000 back into the community through free courses and volunteer time.’ This is wonderful news for the people of North Wales and Rhyl in particular.’

Moira Lockitt Managing Director of G2G Communities CIC said: ‘This is an exciting time for G2G Communities CIC as we have now extended our operation across the whole of North Wales and have already successfully delivered in Wrexham, Flintshire, Denbighshire and Conwy.’ ‘All of our ten staff have been handpicked for their expertise in particular subject areas and the way in which they provide help and support to our learners, many of which are furthest away from employment or returning to learning after a long absence.’ ‘G2G Communities CIC prides itself on the way in which it delivers bespoke learning and support to its learners and the quality is reflected in the positive feedback we receive and the way we use this to develop the organisation to go from ‘Good to Great’  (G2G).’

G2G Communities CIC has been fortunate enough to be awarded five WCVA Gateway projects during 2013/14. This funding has secured two full-time and made an additional eight part-time posts. The projects will target those furthest away from employment in some of the highest areas of deprivation in Wales.

The two ‘Pop Up People – Back to Business’ projects will use empty shops, market stalls and open spaces to encourage those unemployed to start their own business or experience what it is like to be self-employed. It will also provide them with the necessary skills to take their business enterprise forward on completion of their programme. Coaching and mentoring will also be available after the programme ends.

The two ‘Money-go-round – Taking stock/Moving’ on projects will target the increasing number of people that are finding their savings and income getting smaller but at the same time want to enjoy an increasingly active life style. Finding alternative sources of funding and budgeting the resources that they already have can ensure they get off the money-go-round.

The ‘Women into Engineering’ project is based on recent research that has identified that there is in the region of some 40,000 unfilled job vacancies in Engineering and STEM related subject areas. It also highlighted that only 19% of women enter engineering or STEM related education/employment. Using the new G2G Communities CIC ‘LEGO®Education Innovation Studio’ women will have the opportunity to explore fun and exciting ways in which to develop their Science; Technology; Engineering and Mathematic skills to enable them to progress into further learning or employment. They will also be able to pass on these skills as part of a family learning programme.

Thinking outside the box – We have an idea for an environmental engineering project so if you know where we can get a working or complete milk float please let us know – contact us.

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