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LEGO Education Innovation StudioG2G Communities CIC has secured a comprehensive partnership with LEGO®Education to develop a community based LEGO® Education Innovation Studio in the centre of Rhyl. This new social enterprise has been awarded funding through the Cyfenter initiative, supported by the European Regional Development Funding. The Studio will be based in the new North Wales Innovation Centre (NWIC), based within a new and exciting development by Denbighshire County Council at the Bee and Station Hotel. The official opening will take place in September 2013. This New initiative will cover the whole of North Wales and enable individuals and organisations to develop their skills and competences leading toward full and rewarding careers.

Moira Lockitt, G2G Director, said ‘this initiative will make learning Science; Technology; Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects fun and exciting’. ‘At this moment in time there is a shortfall of some 40,000 engineers in the UK every year and this initiative will help to ensure that businesses moving into the North Wales area have people with the necessary skills and motivation available to move into employment’. We have a number of other ideas for the use of LEGO®resources in the future and have already had significant interest from Schools within North Wales and some local businesses looking to up-skill their workforce’. ‘The unique thing about this initiative is that it is focused on community learning, family learning, business/industry and getting people back into employment’. ‘We hope to make learning fun, exciting and rewarding so that individuals will want to continue their education and training and move into higher levels of learning offered by College, Open University or Higher Education’. ‘Another unique feature will be our Mobile Learning initiative. With this we will be able to take the LEGO®resources into areas of North Wales, the workplace, Schools and a range of other venues where it is needed the most’.

A spokesperson for LEGO®Education said: ‘We are delighted to support an initiative such as this because it serves the community, the economy and the best interests of young people. Students need to learn skills that are relevant and applicable for their and our futures and it is great to see local organisations stepping up to help that happen.’

‘Since 1980, LEGO® Education has delivered hands-on, curriculum-based resources for teachers and students worldwide. LEGO Education believes a hands-on, minds-on approach helps students actively take ownership of the learning process and develop 21st-century skills such as creative thinking and problem solving through real-life, engaging experiences.’

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