Rhyl Nature & Wildlife Spotter Guides

Find a range of free PDF Spotter Guides for animals, birds, butterflies, flowers, insects and moths. You can download and print these sheets to find a range of wildlife and nature in and around Rhyl. While you’re at home in the garden or out walking see how many you can identify. Produced as part of Rhyl Community Partnership / North Hoyal Rhyl Flats Project.


Bird identification, use to quickly identify a bird and where you saw it.

Birds Spotter Guide


Which butterflies will you see flitting amongst the flowers on a walk.

Butterflies Spotter Guide

Farm Animals

Identify what farm animals that you see in the fields and while you’re out and about.

Farm Animals Spotter Guide


Flowers come in many different shapes and colours, see how many you can find.

Flowers Spotter Guide

Rhyl Brickfields


These quirky little insects come in all sorts of sizes and colours.

Farm Animals Spotter Guide

Large Birds

Keep your eyes peeled while you’re out and about and see which large birds you can find.

Large Birds Spotter Guide

Mini Beasts

Our minibeast spotter sheet features common creepy crawlies like snails, millipedes and earthworms.

Mini Beasts Spotter Guide


Many moths are attracted to light, so check porches and windowsills last thing at night or first thing in the morning.

Moths Spotter Guide

Small Birds

Gardens and woodlands are important for your local birds, see how many you can identify.

Small Birds Spotter Guide

Wild Animals

See how many different species you can spot, look in the day and at night.

Wild Animals Spotter Guide

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