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Tim Peake and Principia

The Soyuz spacecraft approaches the International Space Station

How did Tim Peake become an Astronaut? In 2008 the European Space Agency (ESA), put out an ad for six jobs as an Astronaut, for the first time since 1992 British people were allowed to apply. Across Europe and the UK over 8,000 people applied for the position. If you want to become an Astronaut with ESA, have a look at their …

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Come & Explore Space with us for Tim Peake’s Mission

All SySTEMs Go

G2G Communities encourage learners to use technical skills, build tools to solve problems, from using apps to make animations to designing and making moving vehicles powered by bands and balloons. During Tim Peakes mission students will have lots of opportunities to follow his journey, to learn about the science behind microgravity and weightlessness and the effect on the human body. …

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