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Business Startup the ‘POP UP PEOPLE’ Programme (PUP)

Pop Up PeopleIn 2013 G2G Communities CIC was awarded WCVA Gateway (ESF) funding to get people back into employment. The ‘Pop Up People – Back to Business’ project focus is to use online social media and Web sites, empty shops, market stalls and open spaces to encourage those unemployed to start their own business or experience what it is like to be self-employed. The project also provided them with the necessary skills to take their business enterprise forward on completion of their programme. Those interested in starting their own virtual/Web microbusiness are able to develop their skills by producing their own Web sites and also use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social/business networks to develop their business ideas. Virtual/Web based business are ideal for Carers who are unable to leave their home for any period of time or those with a work limiting disability. The Pop up People project has been innovative and exciting for participants and has benefited the wider community by stimulating employment in Denbighshire and Conwy. Individuals in Denbighshire and Conwy that have just started or are thinking of starting their own business and want to gain relevant qualifications should contact G2G Communities CIC but the project comes to an end in June 2014 so contact us now.

The Pop up People programme is flexible, learner centred and roll-on/roll-off so that participants can start at times to suit their individual needs and dip into training and support as required as part of their individual learning/programme plan. Participants are given the necessary training and skill to manage their own Web sites and social media, negotiate rents, locations, logistics and other necessary resources to undertake their individual projects. Coaching and mentoring are provided throughout the project.

Moira Lockitt (Director) said: ‘This is an exciting project for people wanting to start their own business but need to top up their qualifications. We will be working with a range of partners in Conwy and Denbighshire to ensure we provide the best possible advice, guidance and support to each individual learner’

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