Walking Portugal

Walking PortugalAnother great case study from G2G Communities CIC.

Peter Williams from Walking Portugal contacted G2G and wanted his website analysed and tested to see if there is anything we can do to make it better.

The design of the website was already very good, but now it looks great as we have added more features to the site such as altering parts of the design and installing an SSL Certificate mainly for SEO purposes.

We identified the problem that some of Peters clients may face, slow loading times not due to his hosting but because his clientèle being located in other (further away) countries and his hosting being based in London. To solve this we installed a CDN (Content Distribution Network) that will send the data from a server closer to the person trying to visit the website greatly improving the loading times of the website.

Not only have we improved speed of people visiting from external countries we have also added anti-DDoS protection and installed a caching system to provide bleeding-edge speed.

Peter is very happy with what we have done so far and we are still working together closely to make sure his website is on top form.

You can find the website at walkingportugal.co.uk/

Walking Portugal

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