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Mullhollands Fencing & Landscaping

Gwynt Y MorMullholland’s Fencing is ran by Ieuan Mullholland, a young fencing specialist who has set himself up providing a fencing service in Cheshire, Flintshire and Denbighshire. As part of supporting Ieuan to develop his business, we have built a website that promotes Ieuan’s services thanks to the Gwynt y Môr Fund.

Ieuan’s Website – mullhollandsfencing.co.uk

The Website is designed to showcase his work on fencing and garden projects as well as promote the services that he offers which ranges from fencing to all kinds of garden maintenance such as lawn care and hedge trimming. Ieuan is also up and running on Social Media and will be using his website alongside Facebook to gain more business.

Mullholland Fencing

After visiting G2G Communities, Ieuan is pleased with getting his website up and running to promote his business online meaning he can reach more prospective customers than using traditional marketing.

Gwynt Y MorIeuan’s Feedback from the Project

“I have found the process of developing my web site useful in developing computer skills and gaining valuable knowledge. The entire process has been very helpful. Thanks, G2G Communities & Gwynt y Môr!””

Check out websites we’ve built in our websites portfolio

Below is a small selection of websites we have designed and launched, to see all our latest projects you can view our websites portfolio and take a look at our web in a box website design services.

Don’t let your website fall into disrepair

If you have a website we recommend getting a health check-up every 3 months. We will ensure your website is secure, backed up, it’s quick, conforms to web standards, and we will look at ways to improve your website and help you get more visitors.

Why not contact us, come and visit us to chat in person or give us a call on 01745 334 482 to see how we can help make you a success online.

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