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Thinking about Space Industry Careers, Science and Related Industries in and around North Wales?

North England, the Midlands and north Wales all have the potential to make a significant contribution to our thriving space sector. There are opportunities for a range of companies developing innovative products that can match the needs of the space industry. The incubators at Glyndwr, Sci-Tech Daresbury and Business Durham will build upon the growing interests in space and the role it can play to support other sectors within their local areas, both in technology developments and space-derived services.  We’re committed to nurturing business and research in these regions, and showing small businesses how they can benefit from our £11.8 billion space industry.” – Colin Baldwin, UK Space Gateway Programme Manager at the UK Space Agency

Read more about the business incubation centres on across the UK.

Space Industry Careers are Blasting Off!

The UK Space Economy is growing fast as more people realise the many uses of Space Science and Technology. If you’re interested in pursuing a job in the Space Sector we’ve put together a range of information and resources to help you find careers and companies that are part of the Space Economy.

The Space sector is vast, ranging from producers, applicators, service providers and users. Sometimes referred to as upstream and downstream sectors, you can read about the size and health of the UK space industry on The sector is made up of a variety types of jobs that have transferable skills and Earth based applications. Find out more below of the uses and jobs that are either directly related to, or use the same skills as the Space Science and Technology Sector.

Space Incubation Units at OpTic St. Asaph, North Wales

St. Asaph business park has many Space related companies, and there are many more Space or Space related industries – Check out the Space Incubation Units at OpTic St. Asaph that recently opened.

These range from many areas with either direct ties to the space sector or using similar skill sets. Many different companies use the facilities for example producing periscopes for tanks and non-invasive glucose modelling for diabetics.

Here’s a range of the Space related businesses on the St. Asaph business park – acuityproducts, adcbio, dyesol, fibrespeed, kentperiscopes, mcdiagnostics, smartkem, sunfishsolar, view-holographics-ltd, wof

Jobs & Careers that can be used in the Space Sector


Examples includes Telemedicine, teleducation, remote communication, social communication.

Enduring Freedom

Jobs in telecoms can vary from designing instruments (Such as Antennas) for satellites and mobile phones, to operating remote communication devices. They cover subjects ranging from atmospheric Ionosphere Physics to Space plasma. Measuring EM disturbances, the use of microwave communication devices, Radar, remote sensing and optical communication systems. There are many ways that humans can communicate.

Industries to look at if you have an interest. , ,


Examples include Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Space Navigation and Flight Dynamics.

Controlling satellites

This can be used in three major ways, from finding your position on Earth to aid travel, to plan or track your route and to get information about traffic and obstacles. But also to map the location and control the routes of aircraft to find the safest and fasted travel in global airspace. Finally as we use space more then Navigating spacecraft becomes more important from out busy Telecoms satellites in Low Earth Orbit, to higher weather satellites to planning missions to distant planets, we need to know where a satellite or spacecraft is at all times as well as its speed and acceleration.

Jobs that involve the use of navigation include, , ,

Global monitoring

Includes environmental Monitoring, Tree mapping, Soil quality monitoring.


Global monitoring has been going since ancient times with the Greeks having he oldest signs of working weather Vanes and Sundials. Curiosity of our planet and its weather has developed a lot since the first weather satellite, TIROS-1 (Television Infrared Observation Satellite), was launched on the 1st of April 2016. Now we can monitor many things on Earth, such as ocean temperatures, the productivity of arable land and much more.

Jobs that use global monitoring,,,,

For Security

Includes land management, fire detection, flood prevention as well as military and defence.


The Earth is an unpredictable place, with mass migration, forest fires, wars.

Jobs that use Space science for security include,

Other Job Ideas & Resources

Detectors and Monitors: Includes testing equipment, solar panels, night vision glasses, heat monitors and radiation detection for health.,,

Robotics: including use in Manufacture and Health.,

Aerospace: Includes drones.,,,,,,,,,,,,

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