Project JUNO 25th Anniversary

The 18th of May will mark 25 years since the first British born citizen blasted off into space

Watch the CNN archive footage below of the First British Astronaut Helen Sharman fly to Mir Space Station in May 1991.

Helen SharmanIn 1989 Sheffield born Helen Sharman a food technologist at Mars Incorporated entered a competition to become the first British person in space. She beat other applicants which included Royal Navy doctors, Army Air Corp personnel and senior lecturers. Project JUNO was a private British Space Program as the UK government did not officially send a person into space until Tim Peake took off last year. Sadly the British companies sponsoring her flight failed to raise the funds and the Russian (Soviet Union at the time) government, thanks to Mikhail Gorbachev kindly paid the difference.

Launching on the 18th of May 1991 onboard Soyuz spacecraft TM-12 she experience the 12th mission to the Mir space station. As a chemist she carried out multiple experiments including those designed by British Schools and contacted them by radio.

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British Juno

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