Cloud 9 Initiative

G2G Communities is involved in the Cloud 9 Initiative to deliver quality trainers and training materials to children and families. G2G Communities and 4TC are developing the programme to deliver it in other schools in North Wales.

The Cloud 9 Initiative Project was developed to achieve the following objectives:

  • To ensure that children and families with greatest need have access to computers and the Internet at home, by providing access to computers/tablets to families on low incomes as well as the skills to use them
  • Increase attainment levels for children at school, by encouraging families to use computers and the Internet to complete classwork & homework
  • Introduce Families to low rate loans and savings accounts, highlighting additional benefits associated with credit unions
  • Assist children to become Digital Hero’s
  • Up-skill parents/guardians who currently have limited digital skills, removing barriers which have the potential to limit social and economic progress
  • Foster greater communications and engagement between parents/guardians and the schools
  • Highlight the social and economic benefits of the Internet to parents and families

Cloud 9 Initiative

The Cloud 9 initiative comprises of five partners:

  • DCW – The local coordinator developed the project in N Wales, secured the commitment form partner organisations, levied in funding, and coordinated delivery of the imitative.
  • North Denbighshire Communities First Cluster (NDCFC) – The team funded the training provision for the six week course as well as provided communication links to other partners and assistance with delivery coordination.
  • For The Community (4TC) a social enterprise, specialising in community broadband and the refurbishment of computer equipment for resale – 4TC refurbished and donated 15 laptops, provided and installed the latest MS software on each, and funded the MiFi data access.
  • G2G provide the trainers; training materials (based on the requirements of the partners) and deliver the training.
  • Christchurch CP School, Rhyl – the school marketed the initiative amongst the year 3 & 4 families, promoted the sessions and provided a location for the training delivery to take place in school time.

Workshops are designed to support access and use of the Internet for educational, social and economic gain, such as:

  • Computer basics
  • Getting Online
  • Using the Internet safely
  • Searching the world wide web (www)
  • Using Email
  • Access public services online
  • Social Media
  • Money Management
  • Free Online learning materials & resources
  • Using a tablet computer
  • Free software and apps
  • Computer qualifications
  • Work skills, job applications & digital Technology

The impact of the Cloud 9 Initiative:

  • Increased skills and confidence for parents around computers and technology
  • Increased skills and academic attainment for pupils
  • Greater understanding of the potential dangers of the Internet & Social Media for parents and children alike
  • Greater communication between the schools and parents attending
  • Some parents will progress onto further, more formal qualifications in ICT as a result of these sessions

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