G2G Communities launches it’s latest innovation – The Pi-Tab

Today G2G Communities CIC has launched it latest innovation – The Pi-Tab.

Here is the information from the kickstarter page located here.

Pi-Tab – A 7″ tablet with the brains of a Raspberry Pi.


The Pi-Tab is a perfect solution that will take your Raspberry Pi and turn it into a tablet.

A quick message to our potential backers
We would like to thank you for any support we get, if you would like more information on who we are you can check our website at https://g2gcommunities.org if you have any questions feel free to message us. We are a Community Interest Company (CIC) in the UK with a great reputation for innovation.

We will first be focusing on our backers once the project has ended and when everyone has received their product and is satisfied with it we will then continue to sell them fully assembled in a case either on our website or with a retailer.

Information about the Pi-Tab

The Pi-Tab eliminates the need for all the wires that the R-Pi requires, it will also not need an external screen or monitor as a touch screen is built in. It is easy to use and requires little knowledge of Linux as it boots right into the XFCE Desktop Environment, we will also add the e17 window manager for those who would like it as we find it extremely useful on a touchscreen, this can all be changed through SSH though for those of you who like to experiment.

This tablet will allow you to change the operating system at any time by simply changing the SD Card, We will also provide images with the touchscreen drivers included so you don’t need to purchase the cards from us, this will currently include – Raspbian (Wheezy) & Raspbmc but more will be added in time.

With the finished Pi-Tab we will provide external access to the GPIO pins as we know many of you will want access to them for experimenting.

Current Stage

At this stage we have a fully working Pi-Tab – It was cased in a cardboard box but now is cased in LEGO® as you can see from the pictures below (G2G Communities CIC is a LEGO® Education Innovation Center)

USB - Ethernet + Screen Power (Cardboard Model)
USB – Ethernet + Screen Power (Cardboard Model)
Cardboard Model
Cardboard Model
LEGO® Model - USB + Ethernet
LEGO® Model – USB + Ethernet

The touch driver will be built in so don’t be alarmed – The charger cable wont be connected either and the RCA in allows you to connect another device to the screen – Maybe another RPi?

Bare Bones - Screen + Raspberry Pi
Bare Bones – Screen + Raspberry Pi

Currently the screen we have only outputs RCA – we will offer a HDMI Version and have everything ready to do so.

It only requires one power adapter and that is for the screen, the RPi is powered by a battery that can be recharged without removing it or powering off the Pi – it’s great because we can unplug the screen and move where we need to and simply plug the screen back in and the Pi is just how it was left.

The USB ports are easily accessible and so is the Ethernet port, there are 5 buttons on the screen, one changes the channel and another is a simple on/off (for the screen!).

There is also a button on the side in the LEGO® case that turns the RPi on and off.

For Education

As many of you may know in the UK the education system is bringing the RPi’s into schools now – This gives the Pi-Tab a great opportunity.

We are planning to launch the Pi-Tab into Schools as this will save a lot of time for teachers having to setup all the wires and the RPi’s with screens – they are already setup & ready to go. We are also developing a range of learning materials and teacher resources to support the Pi-Tab.

What’s Left?

All that is left for us to do is get the cases manufactured – that’s why there are no cased options available yet, we are also going to remove the need for the power adapter in the screen – letting it be completely wireless, but apart from that we are ready to roll.

We have a number of innovations lined up for the Pi-Tab and that’s why we need your investment. So please invest today or contact us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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