iPad Training Academy

Apple’s iPad is a very popular tablet that is changing the way we use technology, we offer all levels of iPad training and services provided by our experienced, professional and friendly staff to help improve your digital skills.

We can teach you the basics to get proficient; you can use one of our iPad’s or bring your own. You can discover how to use an array of features the iPad has to offer, and learn about the iCloud, iTunes, Siri and how to navigate around the Apple App Store.

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iPad Training Academy

Offering a wide range of courses, bespoke training and services with our iPad Training Academy – we can provide iPad training sessions on anything you need, such as:

  • Basics – How to get started & use an iPad
  • Intermediate – Learn more about the iPad and it’s range of services
  • Schools – Using an iPad for education and in the classroom
  • Media – Stop motion animation short films

iPad training for stop motion short films

Stop motion was used to make Wallace & Gromit, but you don’t need a Hollywood budget to make a stop motion film. Stop motion is a fun way to learn how to use the iPad’s camera and digital facilities, it’s great for all ages – you just need a little bit of imagination, we are always on hand to give you some ideas. Learners can use the LEGO Story Starter kits to really bring their story to life by taking photos of their LEGO springing into action and animate a short film.

iPad Training

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