LEGO® WeDo Robotics

Through the use of LEGO WeDo Education software and construction materials pupils will be guided through the process of building a robot which they can then program to behave in specific ways. They will control the motor, tilt and infrared sensor to control how/when their robot move. They will devise tests and use computer programs to calculate results.   Pupils will also learn about pulleys and belts, experiment with the size of pulleys and crossing the belts. They will investigate the effect of different sized gears and learn about levers, cams and patterns of movement.

Working with teachers within the structure of your school day we provide Lego Education® trained support tutors and all the necessary equipment to ensure your pupils are fully engaged throughout the sessions. The sessions develops various aspects of the curriculum including language, physical science, engineering and maths as well as focusing on computer technology.

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LEGO WeDoLEGO WeDo Robotics

LEGO® Education WeDo covers a wide range of topics in the National Curriculum for Computing at Key Stages 1 & 2, including designing, writing and debugging programmes; algorithms; sequence, selection and repetition; and input and output.

It’s also creative, engaging and hands-on, and a fantastic resource to improve those 21st century skills of communication, collaboration and team work.

LEGO® Education WeDo is a fantastic, simple-to-use tool that enables students to learn, construct and then bring their models to life. WeDo is an ideal product for teaching across different subjects at all levels such as Computing, Science, Language, Technology and Engineering. To create a LEGO WeDo you build it using the instructions and program the model to move.

We have built a range of custom LEGO WeDo Models

alligator You won’t find these anywhere else! They have been created especially for supporting our LEGO sessions and the children love them and engage more with the sessions and you can find videos of some of them – Custom LEGO Models.

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