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G2G Communities CIC supports parents who home school their children. We have started a new initiative called Home Education Wales to help home schooling parents by giving educational sessions using LEGO and Minecraft, we have also set up a Facebook page here for parents to communicate and plan days for their children.

Home Education Wales

Communication and social interaction is a vital part of nurturing your child’s future, that is why we are starting home-school sessions that allow parents and children who are being home schooled to meet up and have family learning time here at our fully equipped learning centre, children will be learning subjects such as Science, English, Technology and Maths in a fun way. Using LEGO and other means of teaching such as Minecraft we tailor our sessions so the children are having fun and don’t realise they are learning essential skills along the way.

Learn with LEGO

Lego EducationUsing the LEGO WeDo kit we can teach your child how to program and think logically, they build the model (Engineering) then program it using software (Computer Science), after that we move on to the NXT and Ev3 and things get a lot more advanced.

We have devised our own unique teaching sessions with LEGO and use software that no other company uses to program these amazing robots, to learn more about the LEGO we do in schools, that is similar to these sessions click here.

See how schools are benefiting from using LEGO Education by watching the playlist below.

Get creative with Minecraft

Minecraft BlockWe use Minecraft in our sessions to teach essential subjects in a fun way, it is a great learning tool as the children love it and to them they are just playing a game but in actual fact they are soaking in great information and learning skills that can be used in real life situations.

We have different Minecraft “worlds” tailored to specific subjects such as “The Number Game”, where players have to create mathematical equations like 1 + 1 = 2 using blocks with numbers and operators on them and the team with the most equations wins!

Simple little games like the ones above can enhance the way children learn as they are more engaged with that they are doing, they have no pressure and most of the time are determined to get their goal in the game.

To find out more about our Minecraft Education sessions in schools click here.

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