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Register Your School

Space Shuttle Landing

Would you like us to visit your school? From now until March, 2018 we will be visiting thirty-five Schools in and around North Wales to deliver enrichment activities. Using our LEGO Education and other resources we will be providing Key stage 2 and 3 students and teachers the opportunities to build robots, learn programming and explore the careers available in the Space Sector. Register Your …

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Space Resources

Earth from Space

The Space community is made up of students, academics and professionals all cooperating to explore and develop Space for the benefit of all the people on Earth. Space programs are truly international efforts linking Space Agencies, Universities and businesses across the globe. This has led to many providers of educational resources in order to support and grow the community, reaching out …

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Educational Resources & Games

Space Resources & Games

Space Science – Educational Resources & Games More resources coming soon. Websites we want to share with you BBC Bitesize. To Celebrate the launch of Tim Peake the BBC has produced a few resources to promote his mission and time on the ISS, the site looks at life on the international space station and has activities that you can do at …

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