Donate Equipment

It’s a great feeling giving back to the community. Each computer that’s thrown away is a missed opportunity to provide information age tools to those in the community, nearly 18% of adults (more than nine million people) have never been online. Help make a difference!

What items can be donated?
Computer Systems – Desktop, Laptop or Notebook (that are no older than three years), Software, Monitors, Mice, Keyboards, Web Camera’s, Head Sets, Speakers, Power Cords, Printers, Scanners, All-In-One Printers, Memory, CPU’s and any other computer peripherals.

What will we do with the equipment?
Computer systems hard disc will be completely *wiped; we’ll then build any PC’s using open source and freeware software for a needy individual using all the extra equipment donated. We’ll set-up and install the PC for that person, arming them with some knowledge and training, assisting them to get Online and start using the World Wide Web!

*Disk wiping is a secure method of ensuring that data, including company and individually licensed software on your computer and storage devices is irrecoverably deleted.

So please help us make a difference and get people online!

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